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The Windsor Chair
There are many theories as to who or how the Windsor Chair was invented but all agree that the chair originally came from Windsor, England in the late 17th century early 18th century. The style was then brought to Philadelphia by way of England and there the "revolution" started and craftspeople in furniture-making centers outside Philadelphia (including New York City, Newport, and Boston) were quick to pick up the torch, reinterpreting the Windsor style well into the 19th century.

More than 250 years after its introduction, the American Windsor remains valued for its graceful form, sturdy construction, surprising comfort, and remarkable versatility. Recent interpretations on this classic wooden chair keep it a familiar sight in the kitchens, parlors, dining rooms, dens, and offices across the country.

Windsor chairs were originally used both outside and in, and in gardens in Colonial-era drawings. In fact, comb-back armchairs were said to be George Washington's favorite, and by 1800 he had several dozen Windsor chairs on the piazza of Mount Vernon.

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