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Traditionally, Windsor chairs were painted. This is the finish I prefer to put on my chairs. I have always felt that the painted finish best exhibits the lines, sculpture and craftsmanship.

In centuries past, when Windsors were first being developed, they were finished with paints made with white lead, turpentine, linseed oil and earthen pigments. After close inspection of the old finishes, I have found that milk paint produces surfaces that are as interesting and comparable to the old paints.

Each one of my chairs is finished in three coats of milk paint. The first coat is Lexington Green, followed by a coat of Barn Red and then a final coat of Pitch Black. I complete the finish by applying a coat of boiled linseed oil over the entire painted surface of the chair. Of course, any combination of the milk paint colors can be specified.

As the chair is used and the milk paint ages, worn areas take on different hues of color. The final effect is subtle and gets better with age. This is the appearance I am most fond of.

To See a chart of the various colors that milk paint comes in click here.

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