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About Us

A woodworking enthusiast since childhood, Tom McCormick's interest in Windsors started after a visit to the chair-makers museum at Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia where he became fascinated with the delicate look of the Windsor chair as it was crafted in 18th century America.

McCormick's journey led him to enroll in the Windsor Institute where he studied under Mike Dunbar to hone and perfect his chair making skills. Today, Tom McCormick focuses on a few select Windsors - namely, the Sack Back, Continuous Arm, High Back and a Side Arm chair. In crafting a chair, McCormick strives to come as close as possible, in style and construction methods, to American chairmakers in the last half of the 18th century.

Working in his shop in Quogue, each chair is hand crafted by him and him alone and proudly bears his signature, a guarantee to future generations of its quality and authenticity. Tom makes his home in Quogue, New York where he lives with his wife Lucille.

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